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Welcome to Kre'Ative Productions LLC, your go-to destination for unique handkrafted krochet klothing. We are passionate about offering the most exquisite krochet designs and staying ahead of the fashion curve. Our kollections are carefully curated to bring you the latest trends in krochet fashion.

Our founder of Kre'Ative Productions LLC began crocheting at nine years old, at 14 "KrochetKrazy" was established. Jenica has always had a love for the art of crochet since her Grandmother taught her. Her other Grandmother, "Nana" was whom inspired her to take that love for crochet to the next level. "When my Nana bought me my first full set of needles and a variety of yarn, I just knew it was time to take crocheting seriously. She acknowledged the talent I had and seen a bigger vision." Her Nana always found joy in spreading kindness to others, just seeing people genuinely happy made her feel whole, so Jenica sought out to carry on Katherine's legacy through her brand. Kre'Ative Production's mission is to spread kindness and love in the world via our handmade art. 

Our founder got the nickname "Krochet Fairy Godmother" a few years back from a close friend, When she explained to him what she envisioned this next step in the business would be like, he said "ohh so you basically want to be a fairy godmother, but with yarn." The name has stuck since. Recently Kre'Ative Productions has begun branching out to begin helping others expand their brand by embracing krochet fashions into their company. Not only are companies able to purchase our designs in wholesale quantities but we now also offer kustom orders for brands! You can get a specific product kustom made to your liking for your brand or you can work with Thee Krochet Fairy Godmother (Our Founder) to bring an entire Krocheted Kollection to life for your Kompany. Please visit our "Kustom Orders" page for more info on how that process works.

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