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Krocheter Job Description

We are looking for experienced crocheters to join our team helping to fulfill our mission and satisfy our kustomers needs kreating products that are handmade with lots of love. Part time and full time positions are available.


Starting Pay $12.50 hr, approx. up to $600 a week (4hr or 8hr shift 5 days a week) Pay increases based off of performance. Optional: half work days will be available on Saturdays. Yarn Pickup has to be by 2pm on Saturday to get the yarn needed for the orders in the upcoming week. Required to record self throughout shift for content for the company. All of our employees will be provided with all equipment necessary for job responsibilities.


  • Part Time: 7:30am-12pm

30 min unpaid lunch break, one paid 20 minute break.

  • Full Time: 8am-5pm

One hour unpaid lunch break, two paid 20 minute breaks.

Krocheter Job Requirements



For this specific position available you are required to have AT LEAST 5 years of crocheting experience. If you are selected to move along in the application process you are required to show proof of your existing experience in the field.



You are required to have relevant skills such as the following; time management, multi tasking, patience, ability to follow directions, organization, fast learner, tech savvy, kind to both self & others.



As a Krocheter for Kre'Ative Productions LLC you are required to keep up with your assigned order quota. Your performance is being measured on a hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Our krocheters are required to record themselves crocheting throughout entire shifts. You MUST keep up with your quota! + When you surpass your limits and shorten your production times you're eligible to receive pay raises and rewards.

Job Application

Please complete the form to apply for a position with us.

Please select which of the following stitches you are familiar with and COMFORTABLE performing.

Are there any other stitches you are comfortable with using that were not listed in the previous question? If so, please list the stitch(es) here.

Are you good at following directions? If yes, please give an example.

Use the space below to write about your personal CROCHET journey, upload photos of your work, & upload resume (in case your link doesn't work).

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!





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